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Lena Dunham producing a new show, Generation, for HBO Max

The creator of Girls continues her collaboration with HBO. The series is created by Zelda Barnz, 18, and her father, Daniel Barnz, who also directs.

“I wanted to see myself and children of my age portrayed on television in a real way, without judgment or nostalgia. I am so grateful to my mentor and soul mate, Lena Dunham, for her support and guidance, and therefore grateful to HBO Max for making this crazy dream come true,” says Zelda Barnz.

Produced by Lena Dunham and Ben Barnz, Generation is a dark and playful half-hour series that follows a group of high school students whose exploration of modern sexuality (devices and others) tests deeply rooted beliefs about the life, love and nature of the family in their conservative community.

“Daniel and Zelda are an incredibly passionate team with true vision and authenticity, looking at the windy path many teenagers must follow to identify with their identity and sexuality in Generation,” said Sarah Aubrey, Original Content Manager at HBO Max.

Generation is written by Zelda and Daniel Barnz and the pilot was directed by Daniel Barnz. Lena Dunham will be the executive producer, with Daniel and Ben Barnz.

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