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Disney+ has 10 million subscribers

It was only on Tuesday that Disney+ was officially launched in some markets and according to initial reports, around ten million customers wanted to try out the new streaming service. This has also boosted the Disney share.

The new Disney+ streaming service has apparently been launched successfully in the USA, Canada and the Netherlands. US media have reported that there were expected bugs and minor outages in the first few days. The Walt Disney Company itself has announced in a press release that more than ten million potential customers have tested the service. 10 million accounts don’t mean ten million subscribers because there are free trial accounts.

Disney’s targets are 60 to 90 million customers worldwide by 2024. Netflix currently has approximately 158 million customers worldwide and 60 million of them in the U.S. alone. Disney+ will also be launched in Western Europe on 31 March and currently costs 6.99 dollars/euro. Next week it will be launched in Australia and New Zealand.

On Wednesday, the market research company Apptopia published figures according to which 3.2 million downloads of the Disney+ app were estimated via iOS and Android.

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