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Princess Madeleine of Sweden : All three children were not planned

Princess Madeleine of Sweden has three children. One of the pregnancies was a shock because she hadn’t noticed it for a long time. And the other two kids weren’t planned either.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden, 37, and Christopher O’Neill, 45, have three children: Princess Leonore, 5, Prince Nicolas, 4, and Princess Adrienne, 1. And as much as they love her, the three were not planned. The 37-year-old revealed this in an interview with the Swedish magazine “Mama”.

Especially the second pregnancy took her by surprise. “I was already in my third month and didn’t know anything about it. Our move from New York was imminent and I was so tired. But I thought it was safe because I was packed all the time,” she remembers the pregnancy with her son Nicolas. In the thirteenth week she found out about it.

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