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5 marketing lessons from Apple

We have summarized the most important tactics for you:

1-Keep it simple: Apple lets its products speak for themselves. Avoid a lot of noise and extravagant graphics and use simple designs that convey your message.

2-Speak to your customers in their own language: Look at how your customers communicate and adjust to it. Avoid bulky technical explanations and technical terms.

3-Create a mysterious aura around what you do: Apple’s recipe for success is also based on making a secret of new products. Instead of giving out all the information about an upcoming product, use the excitement until the launch.

4-Address emotions: Instead of concentrating on storage capacity or battery life, Apple’s advertising shows people who enjoy the product.

5-Take advantage of product placements: For each niche and target group there is also a blogger or influencer who can share your product on his site.

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