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15,000 year old mammoth traps discovered

This discovery reveals amazingly sophisticated hunting strategies of our ancestors

Our ancestors obviously hunted mammoths with astonishingly sophisticated methods. This is now indicated by a 15,000 year old mammoth traps from Mexico. The special: In addition to the mortal remains of the ice age pachyderms, the researchers discovered pits that were apparently man-made – in their opinion they were mammoth traps. This throws a completely new light on the early hunters and collectors.

For thousands of years, mammoths were the most common large mammals on our planet. But with increasing global warming it became more and more uncomfortable for the Ice Age “world citizens” – most of them died about 10,000 years ago. In addition to the climatic changes, humans could also have contributed to the disappearance of the pachyderms. Because our ancestors hunted mammoths.

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