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A New Suicide ? K-pop Singer Goo Hara Found Dead Aged 28

Goo Hara, Korean star of K-pop, has been found dead at her home. 28-year-old singer found dead, six months after a suicide attempt…

The suicides continues among the stars of K-pop, a musical genre from South Korea. In 2017, Kim Jong-hyun’s death left its mark on his fans, as the singer committed suicide at the age of 27. A few weeks ago, another artist also decided to take her own life. Sulli was a victim of harassment and she was only 25 years old. The sad list of K-pop stars who left too early has just grown with the death of Goo Hara. As reported in The Daily Mail, the singer was found dead at her home in the suburbs of Seoul on Sunday, November 24.

The investigation is ongoing but it could be a suicide. On May 30, Goo Hara made a first attempt to take her own life. The singer, former star of the band Kara, worried her fans by writing “goodbye” on Instagram. The police found her at home. Just a few days ago, she was on tour in Japan promoting her latest single.

Since September, the young Korean star has also been on the front page of the media for a completely different reason. Goo Hara was being blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend.

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