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Emma Watson : Harry Potter put her into therapy

Emma Watson was nine years old when she got the role of her life. For ten years she played one of the leading roles in the “Harry Potter” movie series, Hermione Granger. In an interview with Paris Lees for the British “Vogue” she talks about her time as a young actress and how she became a test of her strength.

And even after the “Harry Potter”-series Emma Watson didn’t get quiet. Beside her profession she studied at the Elite-Uni Brown and engaged as a women’s rights activist.

She went into therapy because she thought she “had to enjoy all this more”. Emma Watson made herself heavy accusations at that time. She wondered why she was taken. Emma Watson believed at the time that someone else could have enjoyed her role better, she described her situation back then.

So what brought Emma Watson out of her crisis? Her family! “It helped when I became aware of my identity,” said the actress. The knowledge of belonging to a family and being rooted in a place gave her strength.

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